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Southern Ohio Standard Poodle Rescue


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Foster Homes Needed

A foster home must meet the same requirements as an adoptive home.  A potential foster parent/family must submit a foster application.  We contact personal references, veterinary references, and do a home check. All other animals in the home must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.    While we do not require a fence, you must agree to keep the dog on a supervised tie-out or on leash. Experience with Poodles strongly preferred.   

What are My Responsibilities as a Foster Parent?

Foster parents are asked to:

  • Provide food for the dog (premium food).  You will also need to provide food bowls for the dog.
  • Have a crate on hand for those young'uns that should not be left to roam free while no one is home
  • Provide treats, toys, and other goodies
  • Temperament test each dog to identify any potential issues with the dog (we will provide training on temperament testing)
  • Care for the dog in a manner that is consistent with how you care for your own animals.  At the same time, foster parents usually need to provide additional guidelines and training for the foster dog, who is likely to have had NO training previously.
  • Do some driving from time to time (picking up dogs, taking dogs to new homes, etc.)
  • Adhere to the principles of positive reinforcement training.  We believe in treating dogs with kindness and respect.
  • Attend any and all training opportunities provided by the rescue.  Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend canine behavior seminars held by other vendors as well.

What are the Rescue's Responsibilities?

The rescue covers all of the dogs' veterinary needs at the vet we recommend (we also provide the dog with a new leash and collar as well as a microchip).   We also do our best to provide training and mentoring to you as a foster home.  We provide training opportunities throughout the year. 

Foster homes also host visits from prospective adopters.  We all work together to evaluate each applicant to make sure that they are the best possible match for that dog (and vice versa). 

Please email for a foster application