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Southern Ohio Standard Poodle Rescue

Our Happy Endings

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Our Happy Endings
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Muffy, Adopted!  Now known as Sophia
6/11/2011 this girl will be arriving into our rescue next week.  She is housebroken, crate trained and will be spayed and current on vaccines. She is just a year old, gets along with other dogs, a bit shy when meeting new people but warms up quicky when treats are involved.   Please email for an application.

Oh, Vicki, it still amazes me that anyone could “throw away” Jasmine – she is such a joy in our life.  Seeing how she looked when she arrived at your home hurts my heart.  So glad we could be part of her “happily ever after.” 

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do in rescue and responsible breeding of poodles.   





Gracie was adopted by a wonderful couple in Michigan
*******Thank-you for the opportunity
to let us make her a member of our we have found out,
all dogs have their own personality and no two are alike, but you love
them for who they are and Gracie sure has grown on us.   Shelley


From Mardi's adoptive mom
"Mostly, he seems relaxed and happy, and it's great to have him along on my walks
and runs. As you predicted, he's settled quite nicely into being a lap poodle in
the evenings (he would literally sit on you all evening it you were foolish
enough to let him)."




Zoe  Adopted


***********She is just the sweetest dog I could have gotten. Murphy has really calmed down since she has been here. I thought a buddy was what he needed!
Thanks Gin


Collin NKA "Ozzie" Adopted
Here is what Ozzie's new mom has to say about him.
Ozzie, meanwhile, really is a goof!  He's warmed up to my boys so nicely, he leans on them, wants them to pet him...he follows me everywhere, and is a pretty good listener.  We're working on "leave it" though...he likes to eat deer poop....not a favorite trick of ours! 

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